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Welcome to my humble page for the most versatile personal digital assistant (PDA), the Hewlett-Packard HPx00LX Palmtop DOS (non-WinCE) computers. I own a 100LX/1MB machine, which helps me in my daily activities. The idea of having a powerful but handy computer amazes many people, and I'm glad that I have the opportunity to experience it. With all the new PDAs on the market, it will take some time before any of these to overtake the LX in terms of software base. However, it is my opinion that the LX's target users are not meant to be the same as those of the smaller PDAs (e.g. Palm, Nino).


Currently this site is about my software development for the LX series. However, my undergraduate schedule prevents me from devoting substantial time on programming. Anyway, here is the list of software I plan to work on:

Title Description Last worked on
Vehicle mileage database and statistics utility tracks distance travelled, petrol usage and rates, option to display kilometres and litres or miles and gallons 7 Oct 1998
Microsoft Word document reader lightweight viewer able to display at least version 6 documents n/a
Melody player melody editor to create SND files to use with the alarm beep feature of the Appointments program n/a
Clock simple digital/analog clock. may include timer and alarm n/a
Utility to toggle sleep mode disable energy-saving auto-off feature on demand n/a
HamBase specialized database system for pet hamsters, but may be redundant n/a
Organ general melody player n/a

Anyone programming for the LX should check out Gilles Kohl's Palmtop Application Library (PAL) which is ANSI C compliant.

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My brother has a 200LX/2MB LX, and he doubled the clock speed successfully himself. Just by buying a high-quality 32MHz crystal, he upgraded both his and my machines. Battery life has not degraded significantly.

Below are a few photos taken by my Kodak DC20 digital camera.

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top side of circuit board with the IR LEDs, memory ICs, and DC supply socket. underside of circuit board with the CPU. right hinge finally gave way on 23th of October 1998. cap is still intact, but the plastic connector which forms the hinge cracked and broke. the spring can be seen.


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