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This bunch of folks have paid sacrifices to my homepage, so I have no alternative but to link theirs' here. Now I know how I lost one of my hamsters sometime ago. Remember, if you select these links, you will be leaving one of the best sites your mouse ever clicked on!

Bill Timmins
A fine lecturer in my institution.
Well-designed pages.
Djohan Damanhudi
Enter the DRealm.
Doug "Slug" Marien
Great gamer with some personal gaming pages.[new!]
I like his introduction page.
Whether you're busy or not, please drop by my buddy's.
Ghost Rider Leisure Page
Filled with cars and computer things, cool.
Hank Leukart
Great gamer and DOOM Guru.
Loke Teng Yan
Hmm... sounds familiar. ;-)
Nexus One
Cool page with hardware and games reviews.
Programs and links, you've got to see and download.
Robin Yeo
My long-time buddy has setup a homepage too.
My hifi buddy!
Tom's World
One of the coolest places I've ever been in cyberspace!
Vincent Loh
Take a look at his page.
Will Day
Current maintainer of the MechWarrior 2 FAQ.

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