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Myst and Riven

The Myst and Riven Unofficial FAQ

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Last-modified: 1998/06/13
Version: 0.31
Maintained-by: Teng-Yan Loke <>

         "The Surrealistic Adventure That Will Become Your World"


                       RIVEN: The Sequel to Myst

                Frequently Asked Questions (with Answers)

                        Unofficial Version 0.31
                             June 13 1997
                   Teng-Yan Loke <>

                   Copyright © 1995-8 Teng-Yan Loke
                          All Rights Reserved


Subject: !1! Introduction
Date: 06/13/1998

This is the unofficial Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list for the game
Myst, by Cyan, Inc. It also contains information about the sequel to Myst,
named Riven, which has been released already.

Please refer to the Table of Contents and section 3 (Introduction and Intent)
thoroughly for details.


Subject: !2! Table of Contents
Date: 06/13/1998

!1! Introduction
!2! Table of Contents
!3! Introduction and Intent
        !3-1! Legal Stuff
        !3-2! Obtaining this FAQ
        [3-3] Integrity of FAQ file
        [3-4] Format of Documentation
        !3-5! Foreword
[4] Myst Information
        [4-1] Pre-Game
                [4-1-1] What is Myst?
                [4-1-2] How did I get into Myst?
                [4-1-3] Will I meet people in Myst?
                [4-1-4] What is the goal of Myst?
                [4-1-5] What is the history of Myst and its universe?
                [4-1-6] What makes Myst so special?
                [4-1-7] Who created Myst?
                [4-1-8] What is the cast list of Myst?
                [4-1-9] Myst is known to have a poor ending. Should I worry?
                [4-1-10] How much does Myst cost?
                [4-1-11] What do I get when I buy Myst?
                !4-1-12! How was the game Myst created?
                [4-1-13] Can I capture the sceneries in Myst?
	[4-1-14] How many copies of Myst have been sold?
                [4-1-15] Myst Strategies
        [4-2] Post-Game (SPOILERS! Please Read the Warning Therein)
        [4-3] Myst History
[5] Myst Technical Information
        [5-1] System Requirements
                [5-1-1] MPC/Windows
                [5-1-2] Macintosh
        [5-2] Troubleshooting
                [5-2-1] General Guide for MPC/Windows
                [5-2-2] General Guide for Macintosh
                [5-2-3] Will Myst run under Windows 3.11?
                [5-2-4] What does "invalid call to dynamic link" mean?
                !5-2-5! Where can I get a newer version of QuickTime?
                [5-2-6] What are the savegame filenames?
                [5-2-7] Why do voices of people in the game stutter?
                [5-2-8] How do I get technical support from Broderbund?
                [5-2-9] Can I play Myst in more than 256 colors?
        [5-3] Playing Myst Under Alternate Operating Systems
                [5-3-1] OS/2
                [5-3-2] Windows 95
                *5-3-3* Amiga
[6] Myst-Related Products
        [6-1] Myst Paraphernalia
        [6-2] Books
        [6-3] Myst Audio Soundtrack
        [6-4] Myst Calendar 1997
[7] Resources on the Internet
        [7-1] Commercial Sites
        [7-2] Reviews
        !7-3! Hints
        [7-4] Walkthroughs
        !7-5! Miscellaneous
        !7-6! Usenet
!8! The Future of Myst: Riven
        [8-1] What will be the name of the game?
        !8-2! Are there any release dates for the sequel?
        [8-3] What features and story will Riven have?
        *8-4* What are the minimum requirements and will my X system work?
        [8-5] Who are the people creating the sequel?
        [8-6] What platforms will Riven support?
        [8-7] What are the Riven Journals?
        !8-8! Is there a mailing list for Riven
        !8-9! How is Riven being developed?
        *8-10* Will there be a sequel to Riven?
[9] The D'ni
!10! Wishlist
!11! Credits
!12! Document Revision History
!13! Conclusion


Subject: !3! Introduction and Intent
Date: 06/13/1998

The intent of this FAQ is to provide adequate information about the game
Myst, as well as preserving the many wonderful aspects of the game. Features
and highlights that will be in this FAQ should serve to remind us of the
detail and reality of our exploration into the magnificent environments of
Myst, which can only be accessed through a man-made machine.

This document also attempts to provide as much information as possible
regarding Riven, which is the sequel to Myst. Most of what is here is also
available publicly.

Comments, corrections and contributions can be sent to the author at the
following Internet e-mail address:

Teng-Yan Loke <>

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)-encrypted e-mail is preferred, so please obtain my
PGP public key using any of these methods:

(1) Internet E-mail

My e-mail address is as above.

(2) World Wide Web
Access my web page using your web browser at:


As you can see, much information is still needed, especially where sections
are marked "(Empty)" or "(Quite empty)" (without the quotes).


Subject: !3-1! Legal Stuff
Date: 06/13/1998

This FAQ document is Copyright © 1995-8 by Teng-Yan Loke ("I"). All rights
reserved. Permission is granted for the following types of distribution of
this FAQ, provided that the FAQ is distributed in its entire and original
form, including the copyright notice:

(1) non-commercial distribution;
(2) distribution to Internet archives, BBSs and online services and
(3) inclusion on CD-ROM and other electronic storage media.

Product names and specific phrases are trademarks and/or registered
trademarks of their respective companies.

All other trademarks and companies not mentioned in this document and in this
section are duly acknowledged.

I disclaim from everything within this FAQ, whether written or implied. For
example, please do not blame me if you find that that this document has
lessened your enjoyment and satisfaction gained from the game. Views
expressed in this document are not necessarily those of Cyan, Inc. Broderbund
Software, Inc., nor anyone else.


Subject: !3-2! Obtaining this FAQ
Date: 06/13/1998

To get the latest version of the Unofficial Myst and Riven FAQ, use one
of the following methods:

(1) E-mail
Send an e-mail with the subject, "Myst FAQ [text] please", to the address:

Teng-Yan Loke <>

and a human operator will process your request, where "text" is optional. If
you prefer to receive the package as ASCII text, then add "text" as
indicated. You should receive the FAQ in a PKZip-compressed or ASCII text
package as an attachment on the e-mail reply soon.

(2) World Wide Web
Yes, the FAQ is now available on the Web! However, it is not optimized for
viewing, because it has not been fully converted to organized HTML pages.


Any suggestions for other methods of retrieving this document are
appreciated. Much appreciated if someone can loan some disk space to
distribute the FAQ.


Subject: [3-3] Integrity of FAQ file Date: 05/01/1996 You may want to make sure that this text file has not been tampered by using PGP software. Before you can do this, please add my PGP public key to your public key ring. If you do not know how to do that, refer to the documentation included in the PGP software package. Included in this package should be a PGP transport armor file named "MYST.ASC". If you do not have this file, you can either request from me through e-mail or view it at this World Wide Web location: <URL:> Assuming that the PGP program, transport armor file, and the FAQ file are in the same directory on your drive, type the following command: pgp.exe myst.asc myst.faq If the FAQ file has not been tampered with, you should be able to see at least this following section of text (question marks denote date and time): File has signature. Public key is required to check signature. File 'myst.$00' has signature, but with no text. Text is assumed to be in file 'myst.faq'. . Good signature from user "Teng Yan Loke". Signature made ????/??/?? ??:?? GMT Signature and text are seperate. No output file produced. ------------------------------ Subject: [3-4] Format of Documentation Date: 01/06/1996 I have been trying to follow the format which is a simplification of RFC1153 digest format, so that this FAQ may be compatible with common newsreader digest handling functionalities. In some newsreaders, pressing "^g" (without the quotes) will get you to the next section. Changes from the previous version of the FAQ are marked with the character "!" (without the quotes), while new portions are marked with the character "*" (without the quotes), in the first column. Section numbers which are enclosed in the square brackets, that is "[]" (without the quotes), mean that the information therein has not been updated since the previous version. ------------------------------ Subject: !3-5! Foreword Date: 06/13/1998 Welcome to the Unofficial Myst and Riven FAQ, adventurer! I enjoyed Myst alot, and I don't want to forget the fun of it. Even if this document shall prove to be a failure, at least I would have collected some amount of nostalgia. I do not have answers to every question about Myst and Riven, so it is always welcome to receive readers' help and tips. This FAQ also aims to provide the latest and maximum amount of information about the sequel. It was interesting to follow the development and release of this much-anticipated game. The previous release of the FAQ was more than a year ago. Since then, there has been enormous development in the Myst and Riven (D'Ni) universe. During that time, I was, and still am, undergoing my degree course which required most of my time. I have been planning to update this FAQ with a lot of information that I have collected so far, and now is still not the time to release full-blown and proper version. Therefore, this version is an interim release of the FAQ, for the purpose of bringing to speed some facts, especially those related to Riven. Bear with me while I try to collate the rest of the pieces of news and changes. If you are looking for solutions to the gameplay, they are not here. But if there is an adequate number of readers suggesting such a section, I will look into it. Meanwhile, I am trying out a section on things you would like to know about after finishing the game. This is a warning that there may be spoilers in that section, so ample warning messages are included to help you avoid it. Please read the warning in the beginning of that section carefully. Rest assured that there are safety blank spaces prior and after that section. Many thanks goes to Mark DeForest, who first provided invaluable feedback and contribution to this FAQ. Now, let us begin. ------------------------------
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