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"The Surrealistic Adventure That Will Become Your World"

Welcome, fellow adventurer, to the Myst and Riven Infopage!


This Web site aims to present information on one of the best interactive-fiction adventure or adventure game ever to appear on modern computers. The game, Myst, and its exciting sequel called Riven, from Cyan, Inc. are described in detail. Please take some time to experience here, and share it with friends and family. Feel free to comment, adventurer.


It's been several years since I've updated the FAQ, since I've been busy with Real Life and all. If there is any demand for me to add in more things related to the sequels, please let me know. Otherwise, this section will stay pretty stagnant. :|

Frequently Asked Questions List

Version 0.31

Currently, the only resource available here is the Unofficial Myst and Riven Frequently Asked Questions list (FAQ), games created by Cyan, Inc. The multi-part pages of text you have to load are at least 103KB in size, or you may prefer to download this PKZip-compressed version, which is about 30KB in size.

For those of you who use PGP software, please view the FAQ's PGP transport armor file for security. However, this does not apply to the HTML version of the FAQ above, but only to the entire FAQ in a text file in the compressed version.


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These are the folks that brought you Myst:

Cyan  Broderbund

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