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Welcome to the Quake and OS/2 Infopage!

If you haven't heard of Quake yet, you don't really need this computer. This site is specially catered for the good folks who play with OS/2 and want to use Quake under this operating system. It also contains maps which I have created! As usual, I disclaim from everything, whether expressed or implied, in this web site. Nevertheless, I appreciate your comments, criticism, contributions, and nails, so write to me. Find the latest news and changes over here.

"What is Quake?", you ask? Then I would suggest you visit id Software first, then come back here. The main objective here is, to assist fellow OS/2 users to play Quake successfully in all ways possible, including multiplayer gaming. I hope that the information herein will help you succeed in Quake. It is recommended that you navigate in this site with your sound system enabled.

Take a look at the stuff we have here:

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