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You have just reached Yan Software's homepage. This site was originally hosted on another web server sometime ago (some of you may recall it to be in 1996), and it has been reborn here on June 5 1999. In any case, welcome to Yan Software.

Yan Software's mission statement is:

"To produce useful and focused software for all people."

Thus, we believe in energetic and open style of software development in order to achieve mutual progress between customers and Yan Software.

The energy refers to the need to encourage customers to actively participate in the development cycle as feedback is very important to us. The power to change lies in the minds of these customers. Open development is Yan Software's second foundation for its operating environment. Communication and cooperation fuels this style of development here at Yan Software.

If you have any software development requirement, please feel free to e-mail Yan Software. We shall not hesitate to entertain your proposals.

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