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[We Are Rated With RSACi] Welcome to the Hamster Ring Homepage!

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If you have no idea what The WebRing is all about, go to the homepage. The objectives of the Hamster Ring are:

  •  Allow hamster-lovers to visit hamster-related web pages easily.
  •  Group hamster-related web pages together in a virtual ring, with little maintenance effort.

The Hamster Ring lets visitors browse any of the current members' pages with links to other pages. They can choose to visit a random site, the next site, skip to the next 5th site, back to previous sites, and so on. If the Ring turns out to be large, visitors will have to spend alot of time enjoying all these hamster-filled sites! This also means that current members can be sure that they will get more visits, add newcomers to the Ring, and do not need to constantly change HTML code in their web pages.

The current maintainer of the Hamster Ring is Teng-Yan Loke, which is myself. E-mail me if you have any comments, or if you want receive e-mail when this page is updated, go to this page.



Sites to Use WebRing's Default Navigation Bar
Existing members, please try to change to use the navigation bar recommended by Yahoo!, as it is simpler to maintain. It's just one line, wow! Scroll down this page to find out more.
Hamster Ring Born Again
Gee, I didn't even know that my own web account was removed! Anyway, good to see that you've found the new location. The 2 images of the HTML fragment was lost, and are now updated. Please feel free to use them, or modify for your own preference.
More Sites Welcome
If your site fits the bill, please join the Hamster Ring! There are many such sites, and I do hope more people join this Ring. It will be great to surf around the Ring for all of us.

Join the Hamster Ring

To join the Hamster Ring, your web page (i.e. the actual site URL) must fulfill the following furry criteria:

  1. must contain hamster-related content, not just links.
  2. must not contain offensive material which may provoke the general public.
  3. must contain the HTML code fragment described below.
  4. must display the 2 images which are referenced in the HTML code fragment.

Please follow the procedures below:

  1. Click here (new window) to go the ring's homepage.
  2. Click the "Join This Ring" button and fill up the form. You will need to use your Yahoo! ID to join. Soon after, you should receive an e-mail with installation instructions.
  3. Include the HTML code fragment and the 2 images into your web page somewhere. It should look something like the example below.
  4. Send me an e-mail to add your site into the HP Palmtop Ring. Include your site URL and ID number in your request.
  5. When your site is added, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. That's it!


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